How to get Followers on Instagram Fast

How to get Followers on Instagram Fast
Instagram is an online photo sharing and social networking tool for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android that allowing users to share and upload photos in the Instagram community and networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr. To get followers on Instagram, try the following tips and techniques on how to get followers on Instagram Fast!

Generate Free Followers.

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Use the Find and Invite Friends option

Everyone wonders on the Instagram network on how to get followers on Instagram fast.  This amazing function allows you to invite contacts, find contacts, and will give you the ability to find suggested users. Lets go over each of the functions:


  • Facebook Friends. Use this option to follow all your friends. You can connect with all your friends via Facebook and they may follow you back thus increasing your followers on Instagram.
  • Your Contacts. You can also use your contacts to follow users. Just like "Facebook Friends" once you follow them, you can potentially can them to follow you.
  • Suggested Users. This is based on your interests or the people you follows on Instagram.

High quality Posts/Photos

The best way to get more followers is to post high quality posts that is invaluable to users. Here are some tips on posting:
  • Upload your best photos. Nobody wants to see the same cheeseburger that you ate twice. Users may find you annoying and repetitive, making them unfollow you. Use the highest quality photo you have (you can even use the cropping tool - this what Instagram is known for) and stick with just that one.
  • Commenting on posts. Starting leaving comments on photos you like. More comments means more links to your Instagram page. Your page will be noticed more by other Instagram followers. Hint: Try not to always comment on the same Instagram page. You will only be noticed by those Instagram Followers. Try to get broaden up to get followers on Instagram fast!
  • Be consistent with your photos. If your Instagram page is about food, don't post pictures of your cats. Most top Instagram pages is focused on a specific subject. Just how this page is about "how to get followers on Instagram Fast". We will exactly be talking about that.

Hash Tags!

Using Hash Tags is one of the best ways to get searched by more Instagram followers
  • Use Popular Hash Tags. Use this link for the lastest Top Hashtags. These tags are generally the most searched and tagged hashtags. Remember only to use tags relevant to your topic.
  • Overload your Tags. Use as much tags you can think of. I personally love using Hashtag Overload. It gives you a bunch of hashtags just from 1 word!. More hash tags means more visibility to search users.
  • Search for your own hashtags. Determine what interests you and what kind of followers would you actually want? Finding users with similar interests with you is a great way to get more followers on Instagram.

Other Social Media Websites and Websites

You are not closed in at just Instagram alone. Other methods dealing with social media websites and websites alone can get followers on Instgram.
  • Facebook. Facebook owns Instagram. If you have Facebook, why not use the share button so all users to follow you or join you on Instagram? Having alot of facebook friends is a great way to increase Instagram Followers
  • Put a link on your Website. If you have a popular blog, website why not put your instagram link there

Buy Instagram Followers

Although I don't believe in this method. All followers should come naturally in my opinion. But if you are that desperate in need of branding or getting followers on Instagram fast, you can use this method.  Lets hope this guide is sufficient enough for you to answer your own question on how to get free followers on Instagram fast

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